Confession: My Favorite Makeup Case

 This ultra-luxurious line from Honey by The Bumble Collection, was created to facilitate a high-end lifestyle and endure the challenges of motherhood... but I confess, I don't use it for baby stuff... I use it for makeup! It is the best makeup bag I have ever found. I have the Black Diamond Metro Train Case from Sephora and lots of other little clutch type bags for makeup as well as various plastic containers for storage of products, makeup, extra brushes etc. but none of them hold a candle to this little treasure. This case sports all of the below features:  * Full Italian cowhide leather * 18k Gold-plated signature hardware * Roll out design * Three zipper roll out pockets * Back zipper pocket * Velcro handle * Hidden magnet closure * Embossed honey logo tag * Water resistant exterior * Soil-proof lining * Included Accessories: drawstring storage bag, full size egg shaped changing pad * Measurements: 10"L x 5"W x 6"H   There is another version of it that is larger called Honey The Queen Bee Diaper Bag, Chocolate. (It also comes in black). This line is pure luxury in looks and quality but is absolutely a necessity for every woman who has makeup they are tired of carrying around in various bags or cumbersome cases. The lil Stinger is so portable and beautiful. I cant rave about it enough and am so glad I discovered it!  

 I love that it has a roll-out design so that all four compartments are easily accessed at the same time.  The leather is soft, shiney and water resistant and the inside is stain proof, so you dont have to worry about makeup staines from your brushes and spills.   Also comes with a "diaper changing pad" that I like to use to lay out my brushes and the makeup I am going to use.  This item is fabulous for travel.   The lil Stinger goes for $90.00 on babybrowns. The larger Queen Bee goes for $300.00 on amazon


Make Up Forever Powder & Foundation Confession

Make Up Forever, created in 1984 by sculptor/painter Dany Sanz, is a huge professional line of more than 1,000 products, and I, along with its cult-like following, rank it as a favorite of makeup lines.

I use MAKE UP FOR EVER Super Matte Loose Powder Translucent Natural 12 everyday to set my foundation. It literally makes my skin look flawless and my pores smaller in appearance as well as creating a matte veil over my skin to relinquish any shine into utter oblivion (which is magic because no other powders I have tried can do that!).

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation 117 Marble  is my favorite go-to foundation for flawless full coverage... It is oil-fee and comes in 25 flattering shades. Makeup Forever's HD line was created for the silver screen... where makeup must remain invisible! The secret? Micro-particle technology that stretches the foundation base over the skin like an elastic film. A magical dusting of HD powders after, renders any imperfection literally invisible. Note: Since my skin does not require a full coverage on a daily basis, I use this foundation only if my completion is unusually flawed or if I am going to be under harsh lighting or photographed.

To set your makeup or revive it after a long day  MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist & Fix 0.84 oz is the product you need... I love this tip from Dany, the creator of Make Up Forever:  

For busy women who want to go from work to an evening dinner out and don't have time to go home for touch ups, spray mist and fix on a thick tissue and pat gently on the face to refresh your makeup. Then apply a veil of compact powder to give your complexion a velvety texture for the evening.

While Make Up Forever has fabulous formulations for the silver screen, do not think for a moment that they do not also appear on stage!  Stage Makeup demands endurance because performance is a sweaty, tearful and demanding reality. Because of this, Make Up Forever has formulated pigments of high concentration which make them visible from afar as well as long lasting to make the looks enduring.

I vividly remember being asked for the first time to do makeup for a fashion show and realizing that my personal makeup collection did not offer the pigments needed for far-off intensity and spot-light saturation. My professional makeup kit from school was not even up for the challenge, and so I turned to Make Up Forever and as to be expected, it did not fail me.

If you already have a favorite Make Up Forever product, please share with us what it is and why you love it.

Confession: I not-so-secretely am obsessed with Penelope Cruz


She is stunning. A tiny little face with big doll eyes and a not exactly tiny nose with a mouth that just couldn't be cuter or more interesting. I am always drawn to her in pictures and on the big screen. I love the emotionally fragile and sometimes aggressive spitfire characters she plays. 

I love that she is not always lovely in films... she isn't afraid being ugly - of being a mess and an absolute wreck, and to me that makes her all the more interesting and beautiful. I cant recall a beauty as astonishing as her's be as vulnerable to a visual unraveling. 


Such array of aesthetic tragedy has befallen her on screen... tears, snot, smeared eyeliner, harsh red on and around her mouth in no discernible shape, not to mention very believable agony and rage which completely consumes her appearance, distorting her features and making her near unrecognizable. 
I love how fearless she is. 


She is not defined by her beauty, but rather lets the sheer genius and raw ability of her craft be her defining feature.  Just looking at photographs of her make me want to do something creative like paint, write or experiment with hair and makeup... that's called inspiration! I love it!


I would love to hear who your on-screen inspiration (or inspirations) are and why they inspire you... so please, do confess!