Water Risistant Make Up

 Makeup artist, Dany Sanz is the lady responsible for not only creating the amazing Make Up Forever brand, but also is the artist who keeps France's aquatic ballet troupe looking picture perfect underwater. Also a former chief makeup artist to a swimming champion, Dany Sanz worked hard to create a water resistant line of products that were more effective than the leading products of that time. This line of water proof formulas are truly the best sellers of their kind in the world, and once you try them you will see why!
So we aren't all diving divas or underwater balliat dancers, but dont let minor details like those keep you from trying these fabulous waterproof products! Dany Sanz says herself that these products are just as much for the every day woman as they are for performers.
"Alot of the products I've created are waterproff to cater to artists who work on stage and under hot lights or in extreem conditions. Its also useful for the everyday woman because your makeup will last all day and you wont have to worry about re-touching."
Dany Sanz
Star products of the extreme hold range are MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes Pistachio 17L, 25 brightly colored as well as natural pencils for all types of make up effects. MAKE UP FOR EVER Eye Seal 0.4 oz is another amazing product which transforms any shadow into a water proof product which is something every eyeshadow-wearing-girl need in the summer time! Sweat and hours of wear can smudge and crease shadows, not to mention being in and out of the pool. Use this product to keep your pigments put and to make people wonder how your makeup still looks so great after swimming!

Check out this whole brilliant line at: Sephora Online.

M.A.C. brings earthy tones to Earth Day!

M.A.C's newest craft-paper couture inspired line of beiges, coral and earthy reds called "Pret-a-Papier" is so beautiful and warm... it makes me feel inspired for up and coming summer wedding makeup applications and day and night makeup looks for any girl.
This whole collection is very cohesive and carries the same tones through the eyes, lips, cheeks and nails. Pret-a-papier makes me feel very earthy but not in a hippie way... just very modern-chic with a down-to-earth vibe. Perfect for Earth Day!

Here are some of my favorite looks from this collection:
This look is called Archetype and I love the subtle peacy lip color countered wih a strong eye. The browns and beiges are flattering for any skin tone and add a warmth to the complection... perfect for warm weather wishers!
The Gazette Grey is alluring and gives the perfect balance of a smokey grey eye with a rosey brown lip and barely a hint of pale pink blusher. This look is smoldering and sexy and perfect for a pale skinned gazette!
Last but not lacking in drama is the Made to Order look which I love love love! If you have blue eyes, you simply must own a reddish brown shadow like this Cut to Fit (Frost) shadow. Warm browns make cool blues simply pop. But regardless of your eyecolor, give this intense look a try next time you have a dinner date and want to leave a lasting impression!

In tune with nature and our environment, M.A.C.'s  Back to M.A.C. Program accepts returns of its primary packaging and rewards M.A.C. users who return 6 primary packaging containers to any M.A.C. counter with a  free lipstick of your choice! I love that, dont you?

Best Shampoo and Conditioner Confession

At my most recent hair appointment my hair stylist gave me packets of shampoo, conditioner and conditioning treatment samples of Iden Bee Hair Care Products. I am not one that gets excited about things being "natural" or "herbal" - so the fact that some of the main ingredients were bee propolis, carrot seed oil and apricot kernel oil did not impress me much. What did impress me was the way my hair felt after one use. I have over 150 extensions which (although the best quality) have gone through somewhat of a damaging process to get to where they are- which is on my head! I try to avoid using the blow dryer or heat styling tools very often, but still my hair is dry and slightly damaged and doesn't always feel as soft and have that "silk-factor" that all women want.

When I used Iden Bee Balancing shampoo and conditioner my hair was transformed into silk! It felt so good, so healthy and so shiny! I absolutely love this stuff and cant rave about it enough.

Heres a little more info on the products:
*Bee propolis is what bees use to protect their honeycombs from bacteria, infection and decay. It has superb antibiotic and antibacterial and antioxidant properties to help obtain the healthiest hair and scalp.
*Iden Bee uses no alcohol, artificial coloring, sodium chloride or thickening agents.
*Iden Bee helps to prevent hair thinning and loss and provides essential nutrients to hair and scalp.

You absolutely must try these products and this is where to find and order them! Happy shampooing and be sure to give me your review on this product!

Red Nail Confession

 This is the first blog I've posted about nails... which surprises me because I'm such a sucker for a bright colored nail! I have relished many a pretty polished set of nailsies, but most recently have fallen for a flashy red that is daring, bold, bright and sexy! Its called Sunset for Two and its by Nicole for O.P.I.
I like my nails to be simi-short (these are my actual nails in the pic) because you can have them any color and it wont be obnoxious. If your nails are much  longer, a bright color can look gaudy and too mature (and dated!). Keep a high gloss top coat over your polish to keep it from chipping and to make them extra shiny and eye-catching!

Nicole by OPI has a great philosophy behind their pretty polishes... check it out: 

"Respect Yourself. Respect the World. Nicole by OPI believes once you feel respect inside yourself, you can share it with the rest of the world. We believe strongly in giving something back, and contribute to a variety of global charities that support the environment, health-related issues, hunger, the protection of women and children, and more. At Nicole by OPI, our favorite color is green. Nicole Nail Lacquers are free of DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde. Our glass packaging is recyclable. We do no animal testing; we believe in treating the environment gently and in taking steps to ensure its preservation. We hope that you feel good about yourself and your contributions to the world. We hope that you find our Nail Lacquers a beautiful way to show the world just how you feel. And we hope you'll join us in reaching out to others with respect that they - and you - deserve."

Confession: All things Jessica Simpson

I'm really inspired lately by Jessica Simpson's The Price Of Beauty show on VH1, in which she explores the standard of beauty according to different cultures around the world.  Being a bit of a  traveler myself, I can really appreciate the show and all the different countries that Jessica visits. I like how she doesn't just observe the different rituals and beauty practices, but she try's them for herself!
I think that the show could  be a bit deeper, it seems a bit surface to me and is only half an hour per episode. But still, I admire any celeb (or anyone else for that matter!) that broadens their mind by exploring this world we live in and who touch and bless others in the process. Go Jessica. : )

I found this fun little drawing that is in relation to the show... Enter at the highlighted link below to try your chances at winning.

Enter to win a vacation for two to Rio De Janeiro, worth $10,000 or $1,000 worth of Jessica Simpson products! (OH MY GOD....SHOES!!!) Check it out right here and good luck! I hope one of my readers wins!!!! 
In this months issue of Marie Claire Jessica Simpson poses sans makeup for the cover and and inside spread. She is obviously trying to make the point that our culture has a warped sense of beauty, and I applaud her for her bravery and efforts! While I think that she would have looked much better with makeup and some hair styling, I get the point. 
Jessica is an active Operation Smile Ambassador, which I think is awesome! Its a touching thing to see children with this deformity become radiant smiling little people! You can help just by uploading a picture of your smile at this link. My aunt Susan is has been on many trips overseas with this foundation to help assist in the operations... I'm so proud of her!
I can't post a blog about Jessica Simpson without talking about shoes! That is, after all, what comes to mind when I think of her! Never having been a huge fan of her acting or music or even her image... I have to say that her shoes have made me a fan! Check them out on her official brand website
However you choose to express yourself, weather it be through fashion, makeup, music, art or dance... beauty can be found in you!!! Believe in your inner beauty and express your outward interpretation of it freely and with pride.

I love this quote...

"People often say that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves."
~ Salma Hayek 

Fragrance Confession: Day & Night

 For a good while now I have been a devout user of Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy... it is a delicious fragrance comprised of Wild Berries, Mandarins, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Jasmine, Amber, Caramel, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Praline. Its sexy, light, and the perfect young woman scent. 

As they say though, all good things must come to an end and eventually my rather large bottle of Viva La Juicy diminished, and I was left with a decision... get another or try something new? 

Its my personal belief that one should never settle simply because they find a good fit. Keep exploring, keep trying, keep "sniffing" and letting your senses get tickled with something new... because after all, we are living beings, constantly evolving - and in doing so we inevitably change... so what was "perfect" for me then just might not be what I desire in moments in my life to come! In saying this I must introduce you to my new "desire" which just so happens to come in a beautiful crystal bottle and bear an ever so slightest hint of a lavender hue... Please welcome PARISIENNE by YSL - EDP SPRAY 3 OZ
With notes of Blackberry, Damask Rose and Sandalwood, there really was no resisting. I find this perfume to be very sensual and feminine... crisp and fresh yet intimate and alluring. It invites those you want closer  to come hither for another wisp, and those that don't know you to marvel at the mystery of such a seductively sweet smell.
You may have seen the commercial for this perfume... and if you have, you will recall the seemingly innate attraction Kate Moss has for white roses, satin sheets and stilettos. Its beautiful and oh so sexy!!! If you missed this little delight, please indulge yourself now in the hottest parfume commercial I have ever seen.

I am starting to notice that the time of day is vital to perfume selection... I have found myself nightly reaching for YSL Parisienne and in the morning going for the Viva La Juicy... I think this is a fabulous little ritual! Why not have a distinguishing scent for bed and one entirely different for day wear?

Our senses get a bit dulled to a specific scent when constantly exposed to it, so mixing it up between several will help to keep the smells you love detectable.

Share your favorite perfume choice with me and if you happen to try and love either of my picks, do tell!