The Falsies Mascara

 I am the most Mascara obsessed person I think I have ever met. Ever since I first started gobbing on mascara, I have been in search of the perfect one that will add length and volume and ultimately enhance my lashes to the point of false-lash status. This, as most girls probably know, is a near impossible feat considering that falsies add a drama to the eyes that is unmatched by any  mascara on the market today. However, I have found a close contender to the false lash, and it is called "The Falsies Mascara" by none other than the leading mascara brand, Maybelline. 
 I have been a bit of a snob when it comes to drug-store brands, but after being wowed by Maybelline's oh so convincing commercial advertising this new wonder product, I put my snobbishness on hold and rushed to the nearest CVS to pick up this little tube of "false eyelashes". Now this little tube holds something great inside. Let me expound:
Firstly you have this gorgous shiney containter in my favorite shade of purple; and the name "the falsies" is kind of brilliant, don't you think? Inside is a brush that looks full and promising on two sides. On the other two sides you will see a bit of a "hacked" bristle which somehow combs through the freshly mascaraed lashes, making them thicker and smoothing out clumped areas. This bristle placement makes the brush a bit "spoon shaped", which makes me think of spooning on mascara, which is appealing for some reason...
I like the little "flex point" on the wand, which allows the brush to be slightly moved when pressure is put on it, making the application seem more action packed. The mascara formula itself is non-flaking and waterproof, yet easily removed with my daily Facial Cleanser.
I still apply my real falsies, but consider this a great topper for them. On days when I don't have a strip lash, on I can be found beneath several heavy coats of this brilliant mascara, still feeling like my peepers are pretty : )
Happy lashing and let me know what your fav mascara is and why you love it!