My Oscar 2011 "Best Dressed List"

I have to go in the order in which my breath was taken away, as one by one, these gorgeous power-houses glided down the red carpet in the wonder that was the fashion they wore, skillfully assembled by a posse who, obviously, knew almost without flaw, what they were doing.

My first "WOW" came when Mandy Moore stepped into the view. She literally dazzled in a nude sparkling Monique Lhuillier dress. It was sheer perfection! I love how it looks like she is nearly naked and just dipped in diamonds! So princess. I didn't hate her hair and makeup.... but also didn't love either enough to expound on... so we will just leave it at: gorgeous dress.
Just the words "Lavender and lime" are somehow so delicious... as was Cate Blanchett's dress which was a Givenchy Couture beaded work of art. This dress is STUNNING!!! Her hair and makeup was lovely... the jewelery got an "ehhh" from me but gosh... that dress!!!
Ahhhh Gweenie.... she is so adorable yet so rarely gets it right on the red carpet! This Oscar night was an exception to her fashion opps routine however, as she glided past the flashing lights in this liquid silver Calvin Klein Collection dress. I loved the sleek, simple design and the sensually fluid way it fell over her svelte bod. Her jewels, Louis Vuitton, were perfection with this dress! Loved the brooch at her hip and her earrings... so glam. As for her hair and makeup, well, lets just say she had the right team handle her goods!The silky straight strands paired with her fresh glowing skin and nude lips were so beautiful. I love everything about this look for her.
Next came the glowing and graceful Halle Berry. Now I am a girl that loves sparkle and in the "sparkle department, Ms. Halle did not disappoint. I love the tulle which gave an angelic sort of super soft look to her gown and made he almost appear to be arriving in a cloud. Her hair: flawless. Makeup: gorgeous. She got it right in this Marchesa... yes she did.
Lastly (but never lastly!) is the fabulous Oprah Winfrey. I don't think I have ever seen a more gorgeously dressed curvy woman before! This Zac Posen dress made me want to cry! So gorg. It fit her PERFECTLY and I love the ombre sequin color graduation.... just amazing. Love the not-so-perfect hair (a little mess makes a look so much more interesting and sexxxy in my opinion!) and her makeup... well, whats new. She once again had not-so-great makeup... but I LOVED the dress and hair so much that I will not rant makeup woes this time. : ))