Must Have Hairspray

Victoria's Secret is once again doing the Free Secret Rewards Card (with any $10 purchase you get a card that could be worth $10, $50, $100 or $500), and whenever this event is going on, I try to make as many purchases throughout the month at VS as possible! I mean, why not? If its a $12 hairspray, its actually $2 because the card you get with your purchase is worth at least $10! Its a steal and is fun to go in the following month and find out how much your cards are worth.

Last week I went in to VS and picked up this Hairspray. Love the bottle, its pretty! And love the smell- doesn't smell like hairspray at all but more like a delish body spray. This hairspray is MAGIC. It leaves your hair so soft, so much shiner, and creates great volume. I didn't think that my curl held as well as it could have, but I liked the way my hair felt and looked so much that I didn't care!

 Defiantly recommend!!!