The first product I MUST review, is from Peter Thomas Roth's new Firmx line and its called Instant Firmx. I am a fan of ALL of the products in this line, but the ones that make it to my list are these two:
(I wish I was brave enough to post before and after pics of myself pre and post using this product, but my vanity wont let me, so you are just going to have to take my word for it, or better yet, try it for yourself!). Simply spread an even layer of this mask on your entire face (they have a similar formula for the eye area) and let it dry and tighten (takes about 5 min). Then you rinse away the mask with water and the tightened affect stays behind!I love using it prior to an event or photoshoot because it gives you a fresh, tight feel and makes your face look younger by at least 5 years! Although its kind of a temporary effect, there are long term benefits to using this product. Active firming agents remain in the skin after the tightening mask is rinsed off. These agents work beneath the skin’s surface to help tighten, firm and smooth the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles and pores. Its amazing ladies! Prepare to be wowed.... I was!
Next product is also from the Firmx line, and is a night Retinol treatment. This product has bumped up the moisture level on my skin so dramatically! I truly feel a difference when I am using this product vs. when I am not. Retinol Fusion PM is a microencapsulated retinol at 1.5% that helps to encourage cell turn over while moisturizing skin with vitamins C and E (also protects from free radicals). I love it and am SO glad I discovered this little miracle product!
The third product is an amazing scrub by Benfit. Contains natural clay & seaweed extract rich in minerals, nutrients and sugars, known to purify the skin. I love how invisible my pores become after using it and love the grain (not too coarse or too soft- just right!) and it smells so good!
Next comes MAKEUP!!! I love love love all Lorac blushes, but my two most lust worthy are blush/bonzer compact duos that are AMAZE. Here they are:

Hot Flash (pink shimmer/bronze shimmer)
And Hot & Spicy (peach shimmer/light bronze shimmer)
 I wont leave home without BOTH of these in my makeup bag! They are the most beautiful blush colors and photograph BEAUTIFULLY!!! I love the slight shimmer (very subtle though, almost more of just a satin finish). The bronzers they are paired with work PERFECTLY with the blushes.