STOP dieting NOW

Well.. I came to a general understanding that dieting is just a waste of time.. and thoughts.. as we tend to think that by cutting down food we will reach our goals and look good.. thats not  how it should be.

We have to think of eating and fitness in general as lifestyle we want to adopt, something we want for a longerterm not for a short term to achieve a goal of loosing a certain kgs.. if we looked at it in this way weight can easily go without the tension, worry or stress of NOT LOOSING IT QUICKLY or Gaining it fast...

EAT RIGHT.. you know whats right.. dont deprive your self from good food.. enjoy the good food.. minimize the junk unhealthy eating.. choose an excerise that you would prefer and will stick to for your life..running, walking, home excersie, yoga etc..

WATER WATER WATER.. Green tea.. seafoods, more veggie and fruits. and ofcourse you can cheat sometimes by having your fav crackers or chips..:)

reduce white sugar and salt

love what you eat.. cook with passion, eat slowly.. (when you eat quickly you tend to gain more weight)

and last but least.. LOVE YOUR SELF THE WAY YOU ARE NOW..


(Grilled Fish Wrapped in Banana Leaves) Malaysian Recipe

A true Malay classic, ikan panggang/ikan bakar (grilled fish wrapped in banana leaves) is very popular in Malaysia. Marinated with dollops of spice paste, the fish is wrapped in banana leaves and grilled to perfection over charcoal fire.

The smell of burnt banana leaves imparts the fish with a smoky flavor and the spice paste infuses the fish fillet with layers upon layers of spicy taste

The key ingredient of ikan panggang/ikan bakar is the chili paste use dried chilies, turmeric, shallots, galangal, lemon grass, and a little bit of belacan as the marinate. For the fish, you can use sole fish or any flat fish.

Preparation might take some time; you will need to pound the spice paste, wrap the fish with banana leaves, marinate it overnight (preferably), and make the sambal condiment. But as you open up the banana leaves and the inviting aroma of the grilled fish fills your kitchen, you will realize that the end result is well worth the effort

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