Greatest Bridal Fashion Tips

Each girl wants the most perfect wedding in the world which includes perfect wedding apparel, perfect ring and the perfect man. Hold on! A wedding will not be perfect without the following bridal fashion tips. What's new in the world of weddings, plus ideas to spark your imagination.
* Waves of the whimsical
These thematic trends are all the rage.
Flight of fancy
Put a fun stamp on your event with a bird or butterfly theme. Purchase motifs from craft shops and attach to willowy tree branches as centrepieces, or tie to a tulle-covered backdrop.
Country Charm
Make the day memorable with a 'home sweet home' outdoor party. Top picnic tables with gingham tablecloths and fill old-fashioned tin buckets with wild flowers for centrepieces. Hay bales can double as extra guest seating, and hay rides will entertain the kids.
Wonder Land
Be inspired by Tim Burton's film on an old classic and decorate your venue with swirls of surrealism in the form of a tilted cake, oversized objects, mismatched china and a plethora of pastels. Make seating charts with playing cards and give a deck to each guest.
* Eco Bride
Five tips to keep your white wedding green.
1. Cut paper
Send invitations via websites such as Paperless Wedding.
2. Choose an eco-considerate venue
Look for venues stamped with a Qualmark Green Enviro rating.

3. Eat, drink and be eco-merry
Go for eco friendly booze.
4. Give sustainable favours
Consider a bag of soap nuts or a native tree seedling in a miniature pot. Candles made of soy variants don't product toxins as they burn.
5. Green your décor
Instead of cut flowers pot up pretty living flowers for a centrepiece, or stack local fruit in monochrome colours in tall antique vases.

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les résultats du BIG CONCOURS COMMUN!

Voici enfin la liste des gagnantes du BIG CONCOURS COMMUN, 
que j'ai organisé avec la créatrice de bijoux Elle Aime (les bijoux) 
et les blogueuses Zinnora et Locastyle!

J'ai été très contente de pouvoir organiser ce concours avec elles, 
et c'est avec plaisir que je vous présente aujourd'hui les 4 gagnantes du concours, 
tirées au sort à l'aide de .

gagnante du lot n°1 
un Pop Stick, une palette de fards et un vernis avec la blogueuse iwtsi, I want to shop it
♡ Djahann ♡

gagnante du lot n°2
un bracelet "Bout de Tissu Carmin" avec la créatrice Elle Aime (les bijoux)
♡ une Berlingotte de Nantes ♡

gagnante du lot n°3
un collier, un vernis et trois masques pour le visage avec la blogueuse Zinnora
♡ Mao Bulle ♡

gagnante du lot n°4
deux bagues TopShop avec la blogueuse LocaStyle
♡ Manon W. ♡

Bravo aux gagnantes! 
Envoyez-moi un email à l'adresse contenant votre adresse postale, je me chargerai du reste! ;)

Pour ce qui est des autres, vous pourrez retenter votre chance lors de très prochains concours! 

Beautiful Season




Top 3 Ways to Save Money on Bike Insurance Premiums

There are some effective ways in which you can save money on bike premiums. It is important to cut the costs of bike insurance particularly as for many people this will be a second or even third vehicle. Below are ways in which you can save:
1. Build Up Your No Claims Discount
When it comes to any type of vehicle insurance your no claims bonus can be your best weapon against rising costs. If you can achieve 4 years worth of no claims bonus then you could save as much as 40% to 60% on standard bike insurance premiums. This is a significant saving and you cannot afford to overlook this.
It is a good idea to build up your no claims bonus and where possible avoiding making any small claims against your insurance.
Once you have around 3 or 4 years worth of no claims bonus on your bike insurance your insurance provider should offer you the chance to protect your no claims discount.
It is good practice to do this as for a small fee you can ensure that your no claims discount is protected in the future.
This protection will only cover you in certain circumstances and may not apply if you need to make a big claim on your policy (such as a complete write-off).
If you are new to bike insurance then you may not have any no claims bonus to use.
However in some cases you may be able to use any no claims bonus you have built up on another vehicle such as your main car.
This could help you get a discount on your first bike insurance policy so check if there are any providers available offering this kind of discount.
2. Consider Multiple Vehicle Policies
Many people don't realise they could add their bike to their main car insurance policy at very little additional cost. Many insurance providers can offer competitive multiple vehicle polices that could be more cost-effective than buying individual policies.
If you are thinking of including your bike on your main car insurance then make sure you check the full cover and costs. Compare the policy and make sure you are getting the cover you need at a competitive price. In some cases you may actually be better off to get individual bike insurance so it does pay to compare options before you take out a policy.
3. Shop Around
You do need to shop around when buying bike insurance. There are many different products available which can vary significantly in price:
Decide what type of insurance you need (such as fully comprehensive or third part fire & theft) and then get at least 3 different quotes to compare.
When you compare quotes check the cover offered and all of the costs (including excess).
This should give you the facts you need to choose the best bike insurance policy for your budget and cover requirements.
You need to look online when searching for savings on bike insurance. There are some great deals in the insurance market that are only available online.
You may also spot deals in the print media or on television adverts. Remember though that the best deals will not apply to all bike owners.
You will need to call the motorbike insurance provider directly and check what deals are available to you before you apply.

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Getting the Right Medical Insurance

There is nothing more important in your life overall than medical insurance, simply because it serves so many purposes. Thousands of people in America fall ill every single day, and without insurance people would face huge difficulties.
In an ideal world everyone would be able to afford medical bills, but the problem is that it simply costs far too much overall to treat some diseases and the like, so you really need to make sure that you are covered. Without insurance you may not be able to afford medical treatment that you really need and deserve, so for overall quality of life health insurance of some kind is essential.
Obviously some people will vary in the amounts that they need - if you are fairly well off then it is likely that you will be able to afford some of the more minor bills yourself, but everyone needs health insurance at some point simply because it is the cheaper option.
To those who feel that they can get away without medical insurance, the chances of going through life without ever entering a hospital are incredibly slim, with your chances only increasing every day that you grow older. This really is why insurance is so important - people tend to feel that they will be lucky and won't need it, but thousands are proved wrong every day.
It seems though that the main thing preventing some people from getting insurance is the idea that you can't afford it. While this may be true of the more complex insurance, in the long run it will be far cheaper to get medical insurance if you do ever claim on it, so it is a really good safety net to have. As well as this there are some really good quality yet cheap medical insurance available, so it is up to you to simply try to find that which you feel you can afford.
Even if it works out that you would have to pay slightly more than is ideal for your medical insurance, you can still make it worthwhile. Try to save as much as you can as the investment you are making will be well worth it - if you can get even a small amount of coverage in health insurance it will be well worth it for the future, as it could quite literally save your life when you most need it. It is something no one should be without.

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